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Drive-in Fishing

Anglers are sure to find their dream catch in Northern Ontario waters. The best part of Drive-in fishing is that you are not limited to one location, the best adventures include scenic road trips through breathtaking back country roads guiding you to your dream fishing hole.

If you are looking for Walleye, Northern Pike, Bass, Trout, Salmon or other varieties, look no further, your trophy catch is here. Whether you want to fish in streams that feed into the mighty Lake Superior, inland lakes or rivers, or the depths of Lake Huron, Northern Ontario has the great Canadian fishing experience you have been looking for.

With miles of beautiful Canadian wilderness, we have thousands of bodies of water to choose from and the best fishing lodges, cottages or resorts anywhere. You can choose from a full service American Plans to housekeeping cabins, with all the trip essentials you'll need: boat, motor, fuel, bait, guide services and all other amenities needed for a Northern Ontario fishing adventure.



Northwest Ontario

Northwest Ontario offers you spectacular action for walleye, northern pike, muskie, bass and trout as well as panfish like crappie and perch.

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Algoma Country

Algoma Country

Algoma Country offers Walleye, Northern Pike, Bass, Trout or Salmon, to name a few, look no further, your trophy catch is waiting for you in Algoma.

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Northeastern Ontario

Northeastern Ontario

Northeastern Ontario lets you access the pristine backcountry. Venture down our lakes, rivers and streams in search of the next big catch.

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Other Experiences

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Train-in Fishing

Northern Ontario is home to train-in fishing in both Northeastern Ontario and Algoma. Take the Passenger Rail Service or Via Rail bud car to a lodge.

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Fly-in Fishing

The ultimate Canadian fly-in fishing adventure in Northern Ontario provides not only an incredible fishing experience but the journey itself.

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